Product Designing
Whatever you want to innovate, if your innovation needs a physical appearance, We convert your ideas into digital models. We can prepare for production & manufacture, including all functionality & tooling requirements, ready for a finished product. We are proficient in DFM (design for manufacture) and production & manufacturing processes, whilst always striving to meet your expectations & desired results.

Plastic Product Designing
Whatever brand new plastic product you are looking to create, If plastics are involved, we have more than 35 years experience in tools/dies/molds. We design cost effective solutions for your required specifications. We have created many OEM products for a range of clients.

Mold & Tool Designing\Manufacturing
If you need any kind of tool or dies for sheet metal production, plastic injection molds, extrusion dies for plastic or aluminum, dies for high pressure die casting, deep draw tools or specially tools, jig fixtures to make your production smooth and fast, our Aimed services are here for you.

Reverse Engineering
When you need to convert some old products into digital 3D CAD model and the surfaces/shapes are too complex or ergonomical, reverse engineering (3D laser scanning) is the solution to convert your product into digital data. Please check our Reverse Engineering page for samples.

We are proficient in Artwork relief modelling and making tool paths too. Either you want to make signs, artwork relief on wood, artwork engraving on molds or need to convert your photo in a 3D sculputed face model, we have enough expertise.

3D Modelling
Are you going to purchase a 3D perametric CAD/CAM/CAE software? and you have a lot of hand-drawn or 2D CAD drawings to convert into 3D perametric solid model?
Are you transforming from 2D CAD to 3D perametric solid modelling?
We are here to serve you within your budget. I can provide a large number of file formats.

Other Services
We are also providing other value added services to our precious clients.
Like post processor development, quality management system design and implementation and professional trainings for CAD/CAM/CAE, CNC programming (3 to 5 axis), project managment and planning etc.